The 100 Word Challenge is exploding! There have been on average 1300 entries each week producing over 30,000 since September. That means over 216,000 interactions with class blogs!
Check some of them out at 100wc.net
The key to the success lies in the comments left by Team 100. Comments extend the audience for our young writers. They are so motivated by people they do not know taking time to read their work then comment. Teachers report HUGE improvement in writing progress and motivation.
To achieve my aspiration of 3 /4 comments on each post I need a team of commentators of around 600. I have only 145! This means that many posts will not get one comment.


 It only takes an hour to read the maximum of 10 posts you are given as a member of Team 100. There are simple guidelines for you to follow and apart from giving you an experience of reading some wonderful writing, you can feel great at giving something back. These young writers are really making progress and you can be part of it.
 You don’t have to be a teacher or an IT whizz– just someone who has an hour and wants to help.
Please, please, please get in touch asap.
Leave your details in the comments below, fill out a contact form or tweet me @theheadsoffice.
You really will make a difference!

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