I Need Your HELP!

100 Word Challenge is growing! 
That is great news. It means that even more children are being inspired to share their writing with the world.
In case you have not heard of 100WC (where have you been! 😉 ) it is a weekly writing challenge where children are given a prompt of a few words or a picture. They then write a creative piece using just 100 words. This is posted on their class blog then linked to 100wc.net where a team of volunteers comment on them.
It is the comments that have made such a difference to the writing. Getting a comment from someone outside of the class has given these young writers a purpose beyond pleasing Miss or Sir. This global audience has had a huge impact on the quality of writing but also on confidence and motivation.
As it is growing though, it means I need more folks to comment and join Team100WC. Can you help?
Perhaps if your school takes part you could find a teacher or a parent to join!
You would have some guidelines and some numbers (maximum of 10) to visit each week. It takes the maximum of an hour across a week as they are posted from Sunday through to Saturday.
These young writers really do need your support so please get in touch either by leaving a comment below or contacting me on twitter @theheadsoffice


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