How to improve writing by extending the audience

How to improve writing by extending the audience
Giving students a purpose for writing will always help motivate them, not only have a go but also improve their efforts. The 100 Word Challenge shows you how to improve writing by extending the audience – the real purpose for writing.
The prompt
100 Word Challenge (100wc) is a weekly writing project. A prompt of a few words, a picture or part of a sentence is posted at Having looked at the prompt and considered it, the students write a creative piece aiming to keep it as near to 100 words as possible. Once written it is posted to a class blog
Get in touch if you need a free blog
Linking to the world
Once published on the class blog, the post is linked to This is where the magic occurs because volunteers from across the world visit and leave supportive comments. It is these comments that extend the audience beyond the class teacher to the world. Those people who comment follow a short set of guidelines which emphasises the need to be positive, use the student’s name and offer some suggestions for next steps.
Exciting new opportunities

  • Although it is a simple concept, to really get the full impact from 100 Word Challenge, it is good to hear it from the master so schools can request a visit. During these times I will run a staff meeting /workshop and then visit each class the next day to model how to introduce the prompt. Get in touch!
Your visit gave us a model on how to introduce the prompt. It made it very clear to teachers and students how to use a prompt to bring us from the real world to one of fun and imagination. 
The boys were motivated by meeting you. They felt special because the lady who runs the 100wc website wanted to meet them. 
‘I can’t believe Julia wants to read our writing and talk to us’
Student, Mount Sion Primary
  • This year, schools will have the opportunity to be part of a hub. This is a group of three schools who support each other by commenting on their 100 Word challenge posts. This may also lead to further collaboration. Look for the sign up
  • Opportunities to set the prompt will be available. Just get in touch for details Set the prompt

If your writing needs improving, your students need motivating, you want a new vehicle for your class blogs then 100 Word Challenge is for you!

Book a visit, join a hub, SIGN UP!


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