Want a blog that takes you across the world?

100 Word Challenge is spreading its wings and now can offer  free blogs and links across the world!
100WC is more than writing 
The impact that 100 Word Challenge has had and continues to have is amazing. Schools in over ??? countries are now taking part in the weekly writing project. It is simple:

  • Prompt of a few words or picture is set
  • Children write a piece 100 words in length to the prompt
  • It is posted on a class blog
  • It is linked to 100wc.net
  • A team of volunteers visit posts and leave a supporting comment

It is the comments that make the difference!
They provide an  audience that no longer sits with the class teacher but is extended in some cases to the rest of the world.
Free blogs are now available
Many classes have not been able to take part because they do not have a blog. 100WC can now offer a free, simple blog. It uses WordPress and has support available so hopefully this will allow more children to get their writing out there. Obviously, classes can use the blogs for all their work and not restrict it to just 100WC
Global links
Getting comments is key and one initiative that 100WC now offers is Global Links. By signing up and giving a few preferences, classes are being paired to share their online work. This has been amazing with schools asking for particular languages as well as age groups and countries!
No excuses now!
So, there are now excuses now for not joining with an amazing, free project that is having a huge impact on writing, creativity and motivation to learn!

All you need is a blog. @100word are hoping to provide Class Blogs. Wud highly recommend it. Gives writing a purpose

— 5th & 6th Class (@Class6th) March 2, 2016


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