Aveley Primary does the challenges!

Aveley Primary School
Aveley Primary School in Essex had dabbled into 100 Word Challenge but they had not grabbed it and really embedded it so I visited for a couple of days. The school has class blogs set up for each class, including reception but not all were being used regularly.
I was to work with Year 2, 4 and 6 using 5 Sentence Challenge with the younger pupils but first, some time with the staff to explain the philosophy of both the challenges. We all felt that time was too short and perhaps an inset morning would have been better!
Year 2
The two classes of Year 2 have not started blogging yet. We looked at the latest prompt which was a picture of a busy pet shop. We shared ideas, among which were:

  • There is a young girl with soft puppies
  • The parrot is yellow, blue and green
  • If the shopkeeper gives the dog a biscuit the others might start barking
  • You can see a castle through the door

The last point created some discussion as it looked like a church so the children shared what they could see to justify whether it was a church or a castle. It was a church!
Aveley Primary
Year 4
Aveley Primary
The two in Yr.4 classes looked at 100 Word Challenge prompt …but where were they going?… One of the classes had been doing 100WC but not putting it on the blog and so not linking it to 100wc.net and so had not received any comments for their work. They were keen to change that!
Year 6
The first class were using their blog but had not linked their 100WC work. We talked about the latest prompt …but where were they going?… exploring who their ‘THEY’ could be. We had a real variety from sports coaches, magicians, friends, divers and even ‘random folk’!
The next decision was, if they were going somewhere, where were they starting from? This question really got the scene setting in place and led to why the question of the prompt was being asked.Aveley Primary
One class had already had a go at the latest prompt so we explored the fabulous photo prompt of the Cadbury Cream Egg given to me by the very talented Jane Hewitt
For this prompt, the first thing you have to establish is, which is real – the egg or the workmen!
At the end of each lesson, we visited the site (100wc.net or fivesc.net) and read some of the posts that had been linked. In Year 2, we even left a comment! This is an excellent way to get children reading others examples of the same prompt. By leaving a comment, the pupils are learning how to critique someone’s work in a positive way.
For those teachers who use social media I will be offering support with any questions and supporting their linking as they get into the challenges.
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