100 Word Challenge – Week#9

100 Word Challenge for Children
Goodness – what excitement there has been on the 100 Word Challenge!
Firstly we have some new schools join us! Welcome to the pupils at St Mary Deane in Bolton and Baldworm’s English blog. It is great to share your work here.
The other exciting news is that there is now a team of poeple commenting on your entries. They come from all over the world so I do hope you are enjoying 3what they say about your writing. I can tell you, they were VERY impressed last week!
The new blog is still in design but have you followed @100Word yet on Twitter?
With having a team all of whom have made suggeastions for brilliant pieces to be showcased, it has been left to me to choose! I’ve still got that impossible job! As usual, please remember these may not be the BEST but they are very interesting and worth a read!

**********WEEK#8 SHOWCASE **********

Rafay from Springwell Year 5

Emilia from High Lawn Year 6

Liberty from Falcon’s School for Girls


Over the last couple of weeks we seem to have been thinking about our senses but there is one that often gets missed out. To rectify this the prompt for this week is:

…I put my hand in the box and felt….

You now have 100 words plus the 9 of the prompt to write a creative piece to share.

If you do not have a blog but would like to post here, please leave an email address in the comments NOT YOUR POST and I will sort out a blog for you to post on!

If this is the first time you have visited let me explain. You write a piece using the prompt that is just 109 words. You link the URL of the post here in the link below which stays open until midnight 15th November. One of the rules we have is that you visit some other entries and leave some helpful comments.

Please tell you Quad blogging classes about the challenge. It would be super to have some more schools joining us!

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