100 Word Challenge – Week#6

100 Word Challenge - creative writing in 100 words for children


The 100 Word Challenge has now got it’s own twitter account @100Word I know a number of schools have twitter accounts so I do hope they and all of you who are reading this will follow! Please use the hash tag #100WC11


I am so pleased to welcome some news schools this week! Hello to FerryLane Primary in Tottenham London, Springwell Primary in London and Dolly Varden Bloggers from Colorado.

Once again, we had some really super stories for last week’s prompt about the lights going out. I think they all had an element of surprise, shock or fear in them. Please make sure you visit last week’s entries as some came in quite late! WEEK#5

**********WEEK#5 SHOWCASE **********

Amina from Ferry Lane

Megan Yr6 High Lawn

Faisal from Springwell


I’ve decided to give you another word prompt as you seem to be really getting into your stride with these. Maybe I’ll find a pictyure for next week!

This week’s prompt is:…the noise was SO loud…

For those of you who are new to this challenge, each week you are given a prompt, either a few words liek the ones above or a picture. You then write a creative piece using only an additional 100 words. So for this week’s challenge the work must not be longer than 105 words. You must include the prompt as it has been given.

You then link it to your class blog then link the individual post to the link below. You should then go and visit as many other entries as you can and leave a constructive comment. One that says how you liked it and maybe some ideas of how it could be improved.

Teachers: you must link the individual URL of the post not the class blog please.

Let’s get writing!

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