100 Word Challenge – Week#2

Well done everyone who entered last week’s challenge! We had some super pieces forom lots of schools. I hope you all got some good comments that will help to inprove your writing.
I have selected three post to share with you. These are not necessarily the best ones but I thought they deserved being showcased!

**********WEEK #1 SHOWCASE**********

Matthew from High Lawn

Bobby-Rae from Leamore

Abdul from Hotspur Class


For those folks who have just discovered the 100 Word Challenge, let me explain what it is all about. You are given a prompt, either a few words or maybe a picture. You then write  100 more words to create a great piece which is linked here and then hopefully shared with lots of people. One strict rule is that you visit some other entries and leave some comments to help them improve their writing. Make sure you are polite please.
This week’s prompt is: …as the light came towards me …
Don’t forget, this is a creative piece so think carefully about the words you use. You don’t have many so they are all precious!

TEACHERS! From this week, the linky will close at midnight on TUESDAYS. This is to give me time to catch up between prompts!

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