100 Word Challenge – Week #7


There will NOT be a 100 Word Challenge on 22nd April

Week 6 was quite tricky I think because you had to decide what your story was about AND fit the 5 prompt words in. There were some really good entries though and here are 4:

*************** WEEK 6 SHOWCASE ***************

Katie from Bury & Whitfield Jewish Primary

Jacob from CKHS Grade 7

William from Galley Hill Primary Yr.6

Falak from Miriam Lord Primary


This week is going to be easy! It is a picture of Bodiam Castle which is in East Sussex. You can write any story or you could research it and write about something that happened there.As usual you only have 100 words.

This is the chance to write a really creative piece. But it must make sense! Please read through your work BEFORE you post. That way you will make sure that those silly clerical mistakes are removed.
For new visitors to the 100 Word Challenge, you write a post of 100 words, post it on your class blog and when it has been moderated, link back here. If you are not sure what to do then leave a comment below and I will get back to you!
Here is your picture!

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