100 Word Challenge – Week #5


There will NOT be a 100 Word Challenge on 22nd April

Last week saw some very interesting entries. I do believe the writing is getting better with people thinking carefully about their writing. Have a look yourself Week #4

Once again I have chosen some entries to showcase. They are not necessarily the best in grammer and punctuation but they stood out for me when I was reading through and I want you all to share their work.

******************* WEEK #4 SHOWCASE*******************

Daniel from Brunswick House Primary

Jack from  Galley Hill Primary

Morgan from Chickenly Primary

Imogen from St Johns Primary


This week I have chosen another picture for the prompt. It is of a sculpture that I saw at an exhibition in Paris.

Now you need to look carefully at the picture and plan your story. What could it represent? Whose legs are they? Don’t forget you only have 100 words to produce a piece of CREATIVE writing. Do try to make it make sense!
As usual, post it on your class blog or straight here via the link. It will be open until Thursday 7th April. Make sure you visit some of the other entries and leave some comments for your fellow writers!

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