100 Word Challenge – Week #15


The last 100 Word Challenge for the year will be posted on 14th July but it will be back in September!
Week #14 did not have so many entries because schools are very busy at this time of year with fêtes, fairs and shows. However, we still had some excellent entries.

********************WEEK #14 SHOWCASE ********************

Kirstie Year 3 Werrington

Kate and Sadie from Bedale School

George from Kip Mcgrath Education Centre


This week’s challenge is a bit tricky! I am making you all think hard about your writing. I want you to write a piece of 100 words as usual but you must include the following words:


They don’t have to be in the same sentence but must appear in your writing. As usual, post on your class blog then here or straight here is you are able. Don’t forget to check your work before you post it and visit some other entries. Remember, it is all about writing CREATIVELY so choose your words carefully!

Let’s get writing and sharing!

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