100 Word Challenge – Week #10

Well the spider certainly produced some scary, creative writing! It was a sculpture that was part of Liverpool’s Biennial in 2008 and was created by the artist Ai WeiWei. At night, the web & spider were lit up with neon lights!You can see it here
As usual, it was very difficult selecting pieces for the showcase. Many stories were very different. Here are those that I want to share especially with you

******************** WEEK #8 SHOWCASE ********************

Jacob from Cut Knife High School, Canada

Liam & Orlen from Blackfield School, Southampton

Monkeymoron from Werrington School, Peterborough



In the next few weeks I am going to set a couple of challenges within the 100 Word Challenge! The first will be to write a poem so get thinking!

This week is a normal week and the prompt is: …That was SO difficult!……….

For new visitors, the 100 Word Challenge provides a prompt each week and you have 100 words to write a creative piece. You post it on your class blog then it is linked here. Please remember to visit other entries and make some comments. 100 Word Challenge is all about sharing good practice and celebrating wonderful writing!

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