100 Word Challenge on tour! – Sydney

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and face book will know that my husband and I have been on a bit of a world trip! When we were in Sydney  I was able to meet one of my fabulous Team 100 volunteers.
Meet Greg who tells me he is ‘only a granddad’!
imageHe lives near Sydney and came to meet us at Darling Harbour. It was such a thrill to share tales and to talk about some of the writing that
While we were together, we were asked by some year 8 students to help them with their geography survey which was looking at tourism in Darling Harbour. They came from St Andrew’s Cathedral School. When I had finished answering my set of questions, I asked if either of them had heard of 100 Word Challenge ( as you do!) and I was delighted when one of them said they had!
It really amazes and delights me to think that 100 Word Challenge is known on the other side of the world and making a difference thanks to people like Greg!

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