100WCGU #174

Etol Bagnum
With November well on it’s way, we are seeing many celebrations – bonfire night, Remembrance / Veterans Day, Diwali and soon Thanksgiving. Picking up this theme the prompt for this week’s 100WCGU  is a photo of a bush in my garden. For me it signifies the blazing light and colour of the season.
Do with it what you will! The link will close on Sunday 15th November
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Meet the author

Our spotlight this week falls on a shy translator and writer Etol Bagam

I have had my blog for over 6 years now and, during those years, it went though different phases.Etol Bagnum
The current phase, which has been on since July 2014, focus on Photo and Writing Challenges. I don’t know how long that phase will last, but I can tell it’s been fun.
My sister is a writer with several books published in Brazil, and I used to be a translator. I used to joke that she got almost all the creativity from our parents DNA, and I got the little bit that allows me to write well on my own language but without having to come up with the stories myself.
On this blog I’ve been realizing that that’s not necessarily true. I may have found my stories later than she did, but I’m proving myself I can create them from scratch too (and not on my own language!). And that’s really cool and fun.

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